“A Court of Mist and Fury” by Sarah J. Maas

Spoiler Alert, the following book review reveals details about the plot.

32.5 really…

No. No. No.




I’m not going to spend much time on this review, because it’ll be a waste of my time. I spent enough time on reading it as it is already. So let’s just cut to the chase.


First of all there is a complete deletion of Tamlin’s character. From the beginning of this book, Feyre is a shit character who doesn’t like anything around her, including but not limited to, the guy who she claims she loves and has fought so hard to free, for 400 pages. And don’t get me wrong, I would understand the character development and the part that two characters can grow apart after going through some shit, but develop that, don’t jump right into it.

The worst part was that neither Tamlin nor Feyre were talking about it, nobody tried to fix anything. It made me feel as if the author gave up on this relationship after the first book and tried to cover it up. That’s such a bad way to do it, it portrays the idea that it is ok to give up on something you love. It made me feel as if I have wasted (yet again) my time to read the first book, because it may have as well not been there, entire reason for 1st book plot, vanished.


So the first approx. 200 pages were one of the most boring pages I have ever read. I liked the idea that the author was trying to cover the consequences of post traumatic event and its effects on everyday life, but it went on too long and it was the same all throughout. All that was happening was that Feyre wasn’t happy. She didn’t try to get help from her loved ones, she dealt with the situation in a pretty shit way, not fighting for anything, until 200 pages in, bad boy comes in and sweeps her of her feet.


And of course once you forget about the love of your life, the bad boy comes in, you get to know his beautiful soul, all his actions justified, and it’s like you’ve never had a life before him. Feyre needs more space, Rhysand has entire city for her, Feyre doesn’t know how to read, Rhysand teaches her, Feyre doesn’t eat at her household, suddenly eats plenty with Rhysand.


Author feels so inconsistent with her characters, like she can’t make up her mind on who they supposed to be. They are either perfect or they’re fucked up, there’s no middle ground. Well guess what, perfect is boring.


Honestly, it was a pretty unexciting read overall. Plot was bad, not much happening, not really well thought out. Feyre is great, amazing, wow so much power, Rhysand is so handsome, broken bad boy she fixed, whoop whoop, god-like creature, he sacrificed so much, let’s all pity him.




The only good thing about 2nd book in this series: less “clicked her/his tongue” phrase.

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