Hey everyone!

I have recently received a  ‘Pretty Girls Read Books’ swag pack, sent to me by lovely Leah Marie Brown and it’s time to show it you!

Let’s start with some of the many goodies inside of this pretty tote bag.


Adorably small and colourful folding hairbrush with a mirror.


A notepad, accompanied by a pencils and pens/pink highlighters !


Inside the swag pack there were also stickers, a magnet, a lollipop and a bottle opener. I won’t lie, the last item will come in handy!


And last but not least, the bag was filled with many, many lovely bookmarks, there is so many of them that I may do a giveaway of them soon, share the love!



Leah was also very kind and included two of her novels, both signed copies.

201803271263648695.jpgThe first one is titled ‘Dreaming of Manderley’.

Manderley Maxwell has always been the dependable, hard-working one while her younger sisters live
A-list lives, courtesy of their family fortune . . . until it’s suddenly lost, leaving behind a truckload of debt! Now Mandy is faced with two choices: play perpetual caretaker to her spoiled siblings, or finally break out of her predictable routine–by way of France .

Mandy is really just trading in coffee runs for running errands through the streets of Cannes–until handsome, debonair Girard Fortune Xavier de Maloret sweeps her off her feet–by saving her from falling off a cliff. Mandy’s walking on air–except that she’s living in the chic shadow of the first Madame de Maloret, complete with whispers about the suddenly secretive Xavier’s part in her disappearance. Again, Mandy has two choices: be the unfortunate, duped American–or the gutsy, fierce woman who’ll track down the truth in the name of true love.


20180327836809620.jpg‘Winter Wishes’ is a collection of four tales of mistletoe magic:

  1. ‘Christmas Kisses’ by Fern Michaels tells a story of Meredith who is starting over in a new town with a new job. Once Meredith bought Noah’s grandmother’s house, Noah is determined to make Meredith feel at home and hopefully make her find a place for him in her heart.
  2. ‘Blue Moon Harbor Christmas’ by Susan Fox tells a tale of Jillian and Michael who have nothing in common except their 8 year old child. When Michael unexpectedly asks to meet his son, Jillian and Michael have 12 days to get to know the adults they’ve become – adults who just might be ready to fall in love for real.
  3. In ‘Second Chance Christmas’, Jules Bennett writes about Knox who found himself on Ruby’s doorstep, the woman who nursed his dying wife a few years back. Can two lonely people defeat the shadow of the past and let the spirit of Christmas offer them the most special gift of all?
  4. ‘Finding Colin’ by Leah Marie Brown tells a story of Grace who travel to Ireland to find her favourite actor, after she’s been suspended from work over the Christmas holidays. Grace finds Colin and even thou he may not be the star she wanted, he is ready to show her that gifts come in all shapes and sizes – and love is the miracle that truly counts.

Thank you to Leah for sending me this awesome package filled with many goodies !


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, until next one!

Dream on, Dreamers!

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