‘Favourite Five’: Bookmarks

Hello lovelies !

I originally didn’t plan to post this specific ‘Favourite Five’ until next week, I wanted to write an OwlCrate unboxing. However my box didn’t arrive yet, I have expecting to receive it on Monday, but that has not happened 😦 So I switched my schedule around a little, but I hope you will still enjoy it! 😀

Recently I have done an Instagram post in which I asked my followers whether they have a favourite bookmark. And this gave me an idea to show off to you my favourite ones! I don’t have that many bookmarks, considering the amount of books I own, but I do have some, so here they are:

  • Bookstagram bookmark


This is the first bookish item I got for myself from Etsy, when I first started Bookstagram account. It is my most used bookmark as of now and it features in my pictures quite a bit, due to its relevance.




  • “Star Wars” bookmark from OwlCrate


This particular bookmark was included in one of the OwlCrate boxes and I’m in love with it. It is a hand-made, water coloured bookmark with a quote from Star Wars: “. I love the purple colour of it and texture is really lovely, it looks and feels sturdy, good quality.





  • “I like big books and I cannot lie” bookmark


I ordered this particular bookmark from Amazon, it made me laugh out loud when I first saw it.




  • Set of 5 Harry Potter bookmarks


You know how much I love Harry Potter and so I bought this set of bookmarks from Etsy. They’re water-coloured and my favourite one is Ravenclaw (Ravenclaw pride!). I mostly use them for pictures, I don’t use them when I’m reading because I’m afraid I’ll damage them and won’t be able to use them for photoshoots.


  • ‘Pretty Girls read books’ Bookmark

201804271742122463.jpgI have received this bookmark from Leah Marie Brown as part of her ‘Pretty Girls read books’ swag pack and I loved everything about it. including all the nice bookmarks. Leah gave me so many of them that once I find enough of free time, I plan on doing a giveaway of them 🙂




So that’s it from me for now, hopefully my OwlCrate box will get here next week. It is really hard to avoid any spoilers of its content on Instagram posts, but I’m doing good so far!

Until next time, Dream on, Dreamers!

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