Book Review: “Foolish Heart” by Emma Mills

Hey lovelies and welcome to my review of “Foolish Hearts” by Emma Mills.

It’s going to be a relatively short one just as the read was.


I’ll start by saying, overall I enjoyed it and I’m going to rate it 4 stars.


It was a very adorable read, not heavy at all and so it is a perfect summer read. I suppose that is one of the aspect I liked about it, it was not your typical teenage drama story even thou it is a Young Adult genre, that was a fresh breeze.


I liked the main character, Claudia, she wasn’t the usual sobby girl in need of love or validation, not the damsel in distress waiting for a boy. She was sassy, she had her own, very well described personality, friends, etc. She was decisive and we have followed Claudia in her own story. I actually like all of the characters, the main male character was a deeper character than I expected and other characters were well written as well.


Within the story, Claudia loves playing a game called Battle Quest. Being a gamer myself, I love the fact that online gaming has made its way into a full fledged YA novel and in no small part as well. It wasn’t skimmed over, it was actually described in large details and it was important to the overall story-line. It was heartwarming to see this passion being passed on to a book protagonist.


Two small details that I didn’t like:

First one is barely a dislike, more of a personal opinion about Iris as a character. I actually loved her, her development as a character was phenomenal and I simply wish there were more of Iris in the book. I would more than love to read a book from Iris’ perspective, she was such a fun character.

The second point is the amount of names in the book. For a number of chapters at the beginning of the novel, I felt bombarded with both first and second names of characters that I didn’t feel were significant enough later on in the story line for me to remember. Because there were so many of them at the start, I immediately gave up on them and later on found it hard to remember which characters were actually close to Claudia and important to the story.


But other than that, there was really nothing wrong with the story. The reason I’m giving it 4 stars is that it didn’t blow me off neither. It was a quick, cute read but I will not remember it with passing time, neither will I want to reread it. It is one of those light reads you take with you to the beach or on holidays and leave behind when you come back to reality.


Thank you for taking time to read my review! If you read “Foolish Hearts”, please let me know down in the comments what you thought.

Until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

One response to “Book Review: “Foolish Heart” by Emma Mills”

  1. Another gamer here! 🙂
    Gaming as a topic and part of the main character’s life in the book sounds really cool!

    P.S. that kitten is adorable ❤


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