This book has shattered me.

It is a perfect mix of romance, adventures, suspense and more. I fell in love with the story and I finished it within one day, it is so addictive.

The writing was unique, it starts off chaotic with a lot of crossed out sentences. As the story progresses and Juliette’s character develops, the writing settles down. Since the story is told from Juliette’s perspective, it is amazing how the author managed to use this style of writing to enrich the reading experience.


I am in awe with the main characters. Juliette is a broken girl who never knew what love is. Even thou everybody gave up on her, she didn’t give up on life, she’s a fighter. Adam is so charming and kind-hearted. He puts his loved ones ahead of him, willing to risk his life at any moment to ensure their safety.

The romance between Juliette and Alex was adorable and it happened relatively quickly. I was very glad to see that once it did, it was done and over with, it became part of the story, not the story itself. I will look forward to more personal character and world development in the sequels.

Even the villain of the story was an interesting character and so were the secondary ones. They were believable and I couldn’t help but fall for all of them.

The plot itself is very intriguing, it kept me in suspense. I found it to be very dynamic in small doses, with some breaks to catch a breath, which is just perfect pace in my opinion.

One thing that I did miss a little was the set up of the world that the story takes place in. However it is not an issue at all, because knowing it is the first book in a series and that the premise has now been set, I expect to see more of the world development as I go along.

Shatter Me reminded me quite a bit about X-men or at least the general idea of it. I found it refreshing actually, it has been a while since I read a fantasy book where the character has supernatural abilities in a normal world. What I mean by that, Juliette isn’t an elf, fae or any other mythical creature. She’s a mere human with flaws who is trying to find her place in the world and find acceptance and there is something simply beautiful about that.


I cannot wait to continue with the story. Shatter Me is the first novel I read in 2018 that I feel deserves 5 stars. I missed reading books that make me feel longing to read more and Shatter Me did just that.

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