Hey lovelies!

I cannot believe that I have a chance to talk to you about my first ever Blog Awards. It’s been a fantastic year for me so far (touch the wood) and this is just a cherry on top. Let’s start from the beginning:

I have entered my own blog for The Blog Awards Ireland 2018, I didn’t get nominated by anyone. I have had this website since 2017 but I have only started blogging ‘for real’ if you will, at the start of this year. I didn’t have much hope for winning the award, however I entered Imagination Bubble into Personal Books & Literature Blog category to see how it is comparing with other, similarly themed blogs. I thought it will be a great opportunity for me to learn about what I have done right thus far and what I can improve upon.

I submitted my entry in July and honestly, I forgot about it. Then, a month later, at the end of August, I received an email saying Imagination Bubble blog has been long-listed for the awards. I felt ecstatic, I think it hit me a little hard 😀

Few weeks went by and I was then notified that I made the short-list.

Shortly afterwards, 10 blogs were announced as Finalists for Personal Books & Literature Blog category and Imagination Bubble was one of them! I have no words to describe how I felt, in my first year of blogging, it was already an amazing achievement on its own, I was so proud!

I bought two tickets, for me and my friend, to the Award Ceremony, themed ‘Day of the Death’, that took place on the 25th of October in Tramline, Dublin. I went to it with no expectations to win. Instead, I took this opportunity to enjoy what was my first time experiencing Irish Blogging Community. In a sense it was everything and nothing what I expected it to be. So many amazing, diverse people, blogging about variety of topics, it made for a unique party.

I am still shocked but also extremely proud to say that Imagination Bubble is a Silver winner in Personal Books & Literature Category! 


Running this blog has been a very rewarding experience in itself, it is my safe space, platform for me to have a conversation with people I wouldn’t normally be able to talk to, about the thing that we all love – literature.

I am unable to describe how happy I am! I personally don’t think I deserve it, there’s a lot of things I can improve on going forward, nonetheless I am very grateful for such praise. All the blogs that made it to the finals are remarkable and I can only imagine how hard was it to judge them all and choose winners. I had a read through all of them and I was able to learn so much from each and everyone, in order to improve my own blog. Congratulations go to all finalists and all the winners in every category, you are all doing an amazing job. I had a great night out and I hope everyone else did too!

Last but not least, my biggest THANK YOU go out to you guys, my readers. Nothing would be possible without you, certainly it wouldn’t be as much fun! Thank you for sticking around, engaging with me and making this journey a one in a lifetime.

Until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

Blog Awards 2018_Winners Silver MPU

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