December ’18 OwlCrate Unboxing

I cannot believe that I am about to do the unboxing of the last of OwlCrate in 2018! How the time flies… I’m really glad it got here just in time for Christmas, it is like my own little gift to myself! 😀 So let’s dive into it:

The theme of December’s box is Power of Illusions.

The first item is a blackberry and vanilla candle made by Flick the Wick. It is titled The Lunar Queen and is inspired by Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles.

Second item is an exclusive, wooden ornament made by Juniper and Ivy Designsm inspired by The Crown’s Game.

Next up we have this cute magnet, inspired by The Night Circus and made by Ink and Wonder Designs.

This totem bag is inspired by the character Legend from the Caraval series, designed by Stella Bookish Art.

The last item in this box is hands down my favourite! It is an exclusive monthly reading planner, made by OwlCrate with collaboration with Blue Star Press. It is a very adorable journey, filled with bookish quotes, that will come in handy when I try to organise my TBR pile, keep track of the books I read and the reviews for each of them!

The book included in this month’s box is an exclusive edition of “Amber & Dusk” by Lyra Selene. Owlcrate also included the author letter and amber pendant necklace that features on the cover.

“Sylvie is an orphan whose strict guardians made her feel ashamed of her power to conjure illusions and made her feel like a walking curse. Sylvie decided to set off to the royal palace, in an effort to show off her skills and earn her place in the court of the Amber City. Sylvie will have to train and learn how to use her power is she wants to survive the deadly game and make a name for herself in this harsh, new world.”

And that is it for the last OwlCrate unboxing for 2018! Let me know what you thought, down in the comment section below.

Until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

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