Book Review: ” The Glass Spare” by Lauren DeStefano

Wil is the youngest spare and the only daughter to the king of Northern Arrod. Trained to be a spy, her invisibility is her strongest skill until she discovers she can crystallise all living things into jewels. With the events that follow after this discovery, Wil’s life turns upside down and she finds herself trying to help the kingdom that turned its back on her whilst looking for a cure to her curse.

To start off this review, I must say the world building was very successful. DeStefano introduced bits and pieces in significant details that they didn’t escape the reader. The world was filled with magic, curses, alchemy as well as progressing science and technology, the balance between it all was just right.

The characters themselves were beautifully written. Wil was unique since the beginning, both in terms of her skills and personality. I was happy to see that her new found powers of crystallisation didn’t change her entirely as a protagonist but rather enhanced what was already there. The relationships between Wil and all of her brothers were all different and special in their own ways. I enjoyed the variety and the attention to each, they all felt authentic. So has the way Loom and Zay interacted with each other. Author portrayed all the friendships in this novel in a unique and enjoyable way.

The only relation I didn’t like was the romantic one between Loom and Wil. It felt rushed and unfinished, I didn’t feel like there were enough interactions between those two for them to end up where they have. Perhaps it would have been a better idea to wait to develop that romance in the sequel.

The pace of the novel was phenomenal. It kept me on my toes at all times, there was always something happening.

I enjoyed this read, I am looking forward to the sequel, as The Glass Spare has ended on a light cliffhanger.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, let me know down in the comment section below! And if you’ve read the book, I would like to learn what you thought as well.

Until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

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