“On Love” is a collection of work by Charles Bukowski regarding the topics of lust, desire and – you guessed – love.

That last one he covers in a variety of ways whether talking about his love towards women, his daughter or inanimate objects.

Throughout this collection, the reader is able to see all sides of the author. In one poem, he can be gentle and sensitive whilst being aggresive and tough in the next one. One thing for sure – Bukowski is always passionate and truthful in his work, which seems to be both his gift and his downfall.

Personally, I enjoyed the honesty with which Charles wrote. His work is raw, sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful but so is love and our perception of it. What I thought of authenticity towards the theme of the poem, some people can perceive as simply being vulgar.

“listen, I told her,

why don’t you stick your tongue

up my


You will not find any sugar coating in this read and it will not suit everybody. And whether or not its reader relates to it, it does not take away from the author’s ability to reflect on cruelty, unfairness, joy and other attributes of Love.

“we know so little, we know so much, we don’t know enough.”

Personally, I enjoyed this collection tremendously, it served to me as a reminder of real life, not the romanticized version people prefer to write or read about.

it’s on night like this, I get back what I


the living is hard, the writing is free.

Hope you enjoyed my review, let me know what you thought down in the comment section 😊

Until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

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