January Wrap Up

I cannot believe it is February already!

Throughout January I have finished four books. Without planning, the dominant theme for that month was Galaxy/Space.

My first read of the year was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and I immediately followed it up with the second book, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I loved both of them so much.

Adams’ work is both hilarious and insightful. It is timeless and still relevant, years after it has been published.

The next book I read was ‘Heart of Iron’ by Ashley Poston, which I have received in one of the OwlCrate boxes. I must say I had higher expectations of it, it was very dull and the plot wasn’t exciting at all. The most interesting part of this book were purple ends of the pages.

Somewhere in that galaxy mix, I have manage to finish another poetry book, ‘On Love’ by Charles Bukowski and I thoroughly enjoyed it! No other poet I have encountered thus far has been so cruelly honest about the subject of love. I definitely want to pick up more of his work.

That is everything I read in the month of January. Overall I’m quite happy with my progress and now onto the next one!!

What do you plan to read in February? 😊

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