Book Review: “Heart of Iron” by Ashley Poston

I have received ‘Heart of Iron’ in one of the past OwlCrate boxes. The premise for this story has been intriguing.

Ana is an outlaw who is looking to find a way to fix her glitching robot, D09. It leads her to steal the coordinates to a long-lost ship Her paths cross with an Ironblood who has his own reasons to try and reach the ship. What both of them find, turns their worlds upside and down and leads to redefining everything they thought they knew about their own lives.

Even though I liked the sound of this story, I was highly dissapointed in it.

The world that Poston tried to build could have been interesting but the way it was introduced to the reader was messy. The hierarchy of people in the story wasn’t explained and I ended up trying to wrap my head around it for far too long. It felt as if the author just threw it onto the pages.

The plot was hard to follow, the author has failed to tell the story in a coherent way.

I know this review is more of a rant than anything, but I really didn’t enjoy it. The characters were dull and didn’t have any remarkable personality to them, but I did like the fact that there was so much variety in them. The villains were obvious, there wasn’t much mystery in terms of that. I couldn’t relate or bond with any of them.

One of the only thing I enjoyed were multiple POVs. I especially enjoyed the POV of D09 the robot, Poston did a good job of showing the transition of D09 from a stereotypical, cold robot to more of a human being with feelings.

I had high hopes for this read, it was hyped up quite a lot, but unfortunatly it wasn’t for me. The best part of it were the purple stained page edges.

I hope you enjoyed this review (my rant), let me know down in the comment section.

And until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

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