March ’19 Wrap Up

Hey lovelies!

With another month gone, it is time to have a look at my reading list and the monthly progress towards my yearly goal πŸ˜πŸ“š

In March, I picked it back up again – just a tiny bit. I finished reading 4 books in the last month!

The first book was The Cursed Sea by Lauren DeStefano. It is a sequel to The Glass Spare novel that I received in an OwlCrate box. Very enjoyable story of Jude who turns living things to jewels with her touch. Variety of amazing characters and dynamic storyline is one of the few enjoyable aspects of this Young Adult novel!

I also finished reading the 4th book in the Hitchhiker’s series, So long and thanks for all the fish. It is by far my favourite novel in this series so far! I don’t know why but I related to this particular read so much, it seemed that whatever Adams was thinking, has been at the back of my mind. There is one last book before I finish the series and I plan on reading it in April!

My last two read in March were both comic books.

I read Skyward, volume 1 which tells a story of Willa and humanity living in a low-gravity world. It is a particularly dynamic story. I picked it up on the comic-com because I got fascinated by the art of it, the characters are just beautiful.

The second comic I read was The Misplaced in which a man is looking for his beloved after they become separated on the way to paradise. The story line is one amazing thing but the artwork is the best and most unique I have ever seen! The darkened background mixed with yellow and orange, the clock work and mechanisms, phenomenal!

For the two comic books I decided not to write a review, they were relatively short and I decided to write it only when I read a few volumes for each.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my reading progress in March. In terms of 2019 reading challenge, I have read 11 out of 45 books so I am definitely on the right track 😁

How many books have you read in March? πŸ“š

Thank you for reading my wrap up and until next time, Dream on, Dreamers!

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