“The Cursed Sea” is a sequel to “The Glass Spare” by Lauren DeStefano, about a princess cursed to turn all living things into jewels. In “The Cursed Sea”, Wil returns to her homeland after being exiled, in order to learn about the origins of her curse. With her brother, Baren, now at the throne of Northern Arrod, raging wars with the south, Wil has to navigate around her family’s secrets to learn the truth.

I enjoyed the first book and a lot of the similar likes and dislikes still remained valid when I read “The Cursed Sea”.

One of my favourite traits of DeStefano is pacing of the story. She has an amazing ability to finish almost every chapter on a cliffhanger vibe. Both of the books in this series were easy to read, they pulled me through the narrative very naturally and not once did I feel forced to continue reading.

The characters are very diverse and unique, but there is a lot of them. It felt overwhelming at times, to try and remember each and everyone’s story.

Apart from Wil and Loom’s romance, I adore the relations that are between the characters. Especially the ones between siblings I found to be fascinating, they are so well written, in such great details, they feel realistic. Wil and Loom as a couple fell apart from me in book one, their romance felt rushed and unnecessary and it continues in “The Cursed Sea”, it didn’t improve.

The world has been build up nicely in the first book so it was lovely to see that in the second one, the author has decided to focus more on people and politics, we read about the war between the North and the South. And because we already have a good idea of what the two are like, it felt like a natural progression of the plot.

Overall, I enjoyed this read a lot. There is definitely some room to improve but I must say, I find DeStefano’s work to be quite pleasurable to read and I don’t regret picking it up.

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you enjoyed it. Please, let me know what you think down in the comment section.

Until next time, Dream on, Dreamers!

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