Hey lovelies 🙂

Another month means another Book Haul! This one is very single minded because I have bought three collections by Charles Bukowski. I fell in love with his work after I first read his collections of poems ‘On Love’.

The first book is ‘Notes of a Dirty Old Man’. It is a collection of underground newspaper columns, writing about various events from his life with his trademark humour and honesty.The next one is ‘The Pleasures of the Damned’, which is a collection of the best poems throughout Bukowski’s career, ranging on topics. I was a bit worried picking this one up, simply because I may have come across those poems at some other stage, in different collections. But the way I feel about this author, I feel I might not mind at all the possibility for repetition.The last one is ‘You get so Alone at times that it just makes sense’. Again, it is a collection of poems but this time, they are focusing on Charles’ cat and his childhood. I will be honest, the reason I picked up this particular book is because of its title – somehow spoke to me.I know it is probably not the most interesting or versatile book haul, but I cannot wait to start any one of those collections. I have developed an enormous appreciation for poetry and especially for Bukowski, he holds a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to view the world through his perspective. What books did you get for yourself most recently? Let me know down in the comment section!Thank you for reading and until next time, Dream on, Dreamers!

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