June ’19 Book Haul

Hello and welcome! It has been a while but here I am, back with another book haul. Never enough books, never enough…

So the two most recent gems that I received were gifted to me by Harper Collins Ireland!

The first book is a historical novel titled ‘A Tapestry of Treason’ and written by Anne O’Brien. It tells a story of Lady Despenser, a woman ahead of her times that becomes entangled in the affairs of a dysfunctional family. Surrounded by power-hungry man, she becomes a key player in the political affairs in 1399. A story of a woman fighting her way through the man’s world.

‘The Ruthless’ by Peter Newman is a second book in his Deathless series. I have to be honest I don’t know what it is about simply because I haven’t read the first book 🙈 but I have heard amazing reviews about it – the vivid world building, variation of characters. I will make sure to pick up the first book ‘The Deathless’, sounds like it could be a read for me – fantasy heavy.

Thank you for reading this short but oh, so exciting book haul! And my great thanks to Harper Collins Ireland for sending me those beautiful copies.

Until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

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