Hey lovelies!

Maybe some of you noticed, maybe not, but I have changed my username!! As well as my blog website.

Imaginationbubble may be gone but the same old Jo is still here 😂

First of all, apologies for not letting you know in advance but it was a rather fast decision, I started and hope to finish the offical process today. The website is still under reconstruction, so bare with me during this time, much appreciated!! 😁

I have been thinking about name change for some time now. I have not felt in touch with Imaginationbubble recently, especially the last few months and it no longer reflected myself and what I have in mind for this bookstagram/blog. In turn, it became increasingly harder to be productive and creative, I started to care less and less for it which frustrated me, because it wasn’t a genuine feeling and I knew that.

Only in the recent days have I found a name that I really like and is suitable (and also available😂). TheWolfPad is a play on words: Notepad/Wordpad and I do love wolves so it works out perfectly 🐺 we can be a pack now!

Nothing about the theme of the insta account changes, it is still a bookstagram and hopefully, a more active and interactive one 😊📚🥰 same goes for this website! The first post in the website will be coming up tomorrow and I just can’t wait!!

Thanks for sticking out with me, until next time, Dream On, Dreamers!

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