Review: “Saga”, Volume 2 by Vaughan & Staples

The story of star-crossed parents, Marko and Alana, continue as they try and find a peaceful place to raise their new-born baby, Hazel.

This volume tells about the other adventures that the new family is going through, but it also contains flashbacks to the past and shows us how the two soldiers from the opposite sides met and fell in love.

The plot line is as twisted as ever and there is a lot happening. The trio and the Will acting as the main characters come across different people on their respective journeys that are there to stay. Hazel gets to meet her grandparents from her father’s side and it is quite visible from whom Marko inherited his fighting spirit. The Will and the lying cat come across Marko’s ex-girlfriend who joins them after they save a slave girl together.

The character design is stunning and imaginative, I have never come across such a diversity of people in one story. Each person has specific personality traits and none of them are boring. I think it is safe to say that every reader should be able to find someone who they like in this novel. It’s the Lying cat for me, and the ghost babysitter!

Sage made me laugh, smile, cry, cringe and everything in between. Alana is hilarious and herself and Marko create a nice balance.

Some of the images are so gross, it’s just funny. I have no idea how someone managed to draw it with straight face.

This is a rather short review, I’m afraid to say too much in case I spoil it for anyone. Sage is definitely worth checking out and I cannot wait to read more of it, fortunately I do have Volume 3 so I will most likely dive right into it!

Thanks for reading the review, let me know what you thought down in the comment section below! Under next time, Dream On, Wolves!

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