Review: “Saga”, Volume 3, by Vaughan & Staples

I have jumped right into reading Volume 3 of Saga after finishing the second one.

This one felt a little bit more like a filler, the main storyline wasn’t explored as such.

This one is crazy, bloody and even more crazy. Two reporters start to investigate Alana and Marko’s story, they interview a number of people and so we get multiple points of view on the matter and some thoughts and insights into side characters. We also get a quick glimpse into Alana’s past.

Hazel and her family have visited Mister Heist, a cyclops novelist, the author of Alana’s favourite novel ‘A Night Time Smoke’, which is meant to be a romantic novel but which some see as a “treatise on radical pacifism” and inaction.

Alana geeking out is one of the most adorable and relatable things I have come across lately! She is a real bookworm.

In the meantime, the adventures of The Will, Gwendolyn and Sophie (the slave girl) continue in their own, unexpected direction.

The paths of all those characters finally cross when Gwendolyn seeks Marko not to kill him as she originally planned, but rather to ask for help. Even the Prince robot makes an appearance.

Unusual friendships and relations are formed and destroyed during multiple battles and encounters. Without spoilers, this volume has left me heartbroken due to the outcomes and so I think I will take a break from reading Saga, just for a little while, to recharge. I don’t know what awaits me and I’m not ready for it. Such a rollercoaster this read.

Have you read this Volume of Saga, what did you think?

Thank you for reading this review! Until next time, Dream On, Dreamers 🙂

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