Severin Montagnet-Alarie is offered to get back his true inheritance, but in return, he is tasked with finding an ancient artefact for a powerful society called the Order of Babel. Severin recruits his friends to help him, four talented experts in their respective fields: Zofia – a pyromaniac scientist, Enrique – an intelligent historian, Laila – a dancer with a special ability and Tristan – a botanist who’s like Severin’s brother in all but blood. Together, they embark on an adventure that will test their wits and knowledge in order to find what they’re looking for in the dark heart of Paris in 1880’s.

The Gilded Wolves is a novel filled with the most colourful characters I have recently came across. Despite of the large number of them, every single one is so unique, they are impossible to confuse or forget about.

Zofia is a socially awkward person who everyone can relate to in at least a small part. Enrique is simply trying to fit in and be accepted. Laila is a mysterious girl which more depth to her that she first let people know. Tristan is a passionate young lad with a big heart. And of course, Severin. Severin who deserves better, Severin who must fight against odds to gain what it rightfully his. Severin who you just can’t get enough of.

If I had to summarise The Gilded Wolves, I would say it is an out of wedlock child of Caraval and The Da Vinci Code. It is filled with amazing mysteries and riddles. Our heroes must work together to find out the solution and it is a perfect picture of diversity working well together.

The novel is not particularly mature, despite of how many unique topics it includes. Having finished reading it, I don’t feel like it contained any life lesson or life changing content.

The world building was laid out well, its rules, especially the ones involving magic, were explained well and in a good pace. However, the storyline itself was lacking in that regard. It was hard to follow it precisely, a couple of times I have found myself finding out what was happening by guess work.

Overall it was an enjoyable enough read that lacked in certain parts but did well on others. I can see why some people would be upset with this read so I wouldn’t go around recommending it to everyone.

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