In this Volume 7 of Saga which included issues 37 – 42, new friendships are formed while others are lost. The war wages on and our family of refugees grows bigger. As always, this volume is packed with relations, combat and it touches several great topics, such as religion, morals, goals and mental health.

Saga is phenomenal in all its story aspects. The way in which the authors represent life and its components is truly remarkable and honestly, realistic. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I love this series, regardless of how the alien races look like and how far fetched the fiction gets at times, it is still telling a story that any one of us could be battling through as well at any given time. It connects to its reader on such an advanced level, you can feel that every detail was well thought out and is intentional.

This volume has left me crying by the end of it. I had to take some time off from reading the series, it was an emotional read to say the least.

Hazel is physically growing up, but all the characters are growing as well too, develop if you will, and the reader does that with them.

This action-packed series is one of a kind and it has had more impact on myself that I could have predicted when I picked up Volume 1 such a long time ago. It is something else.

What are you reading at the moment?

Hope you’re all keeping safe and sound as much as possible in these uncertain times!

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