Review: “Skyward, Volume 3” by Joe Henderson

Skyward, Volume 3, which consists of issues 11-15, is the last instalment in this series.

Up until this point, Willa has faced many challenges on her way to try and restore Earth’s gravity – giant bugs, rebels and massive storms. But yet she persevered in the face of danger. Willa is on her way to Kansas in order to stop Barrow, when she comes across a family member she thought was dead. All of the people in her life come together to help her conclude the fight to save her city.

Two things I love most about Skyward is its artistic execution and its overall concept. The artwork in this series is phenomenal. It has impressed me immensely, especially the use of shadows.

The idea of the Earth described in Skyward is imaginative and thought-provoking. Having only a small percentage of gravity to work with, people had to figure out a way to survive in new conditions – extreme weather conditions, sizeable insects and much more.

The storyline has suffered a tiny bit in this volume. It felt a bit off its timing, mostly rushed through. However, I didn’t bother me as such simply because Willa’s task felt futile right from the start and didn’t make sense. Trying to bring gravity back was improbable to say the least and towards the end, saving of Kansas city has come and gone too quickly. Regardless of it, the ending was satisfying and mature. It felt right into place with Will’s personality and felt natural.

As much as I enjoyed Skyward, I wish there was more time to enjoy the amazing characters in it, their world and its workings. I would highly recommend this series, it is still one of the most unique ones out there that I have encountered.

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