Review: “Edge of Extinction” by Kim Borg

In the year 2086, life on Earth has become more and more difficult. Despite the extreme natural disasters taking place, the planet’s population continues to grow, rising well above 10 billion. Humanity starts to face its inevitable doom, but not all is lost. Arcadia, a planet found beyond our solar system, is said to have an atmosphere and conditions capable of supporting life as we know it. Dr. Amber Lytton and Dr. Joel Carter, life-long friends and colleagues, are chosen to be part of a team of scientists sent out on an expedition, to determine if Arcadia is suitable for colonization. The complex life found on the planet is similar yet different from the one found on Earth. It is the crew’s job to learn their ways and remain objective, but some of them might have personal reasons for undertaking this venture.

‘Edge of Extinction’ is an action-packed novel that reminded me heavily about Jurassic Park. Unfortunately, at times it felt as if that was all there was to it.

For a scientific expedition, there is a minuscule amount of heavy ‘science’ involved. In comparison, the behavioural aspect of it was well developed. It makes this a perfect, lighter sci-fi novel, which focuses more on the storyline and the message it tries to convey, rather than the technology descriptions.

The character introduction felt rushed, however, once I was able to wrap my head around it, I thought that the group was made up of well-rounded, relatable people. Some of the issues they were experiencing were day to day one, that didn’t just go away when they have left the Earth, I liked that attention to detail.

The lack of punctuation in complex sentences was dreadful. Endless streams of words made it difficult to maintain focus. Word repetition has also occurred in this novel and it’s a pity really, it all contributed to the disruption of the flow of reading.

I was contemplating what rating to give this novel but have finally settled down for 3 stars. At the end of the day, it is an enjoyable and even thought-provoking read at times. The ending has also proven to be a pleasant and satisfying surprise.

Review originally posted on Reedsy.

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