Review: ‘Saga, Volume 9’ by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga, volume 9, is a continuation in the series that includes the issues 49 to 54. It is the last volume published before the authors went on hiatus two years ago.

The fact that they chose this moment to go on a break is heart-breaking, the story finished on an emotional cliff-hanger I was not ready for.

So deep into this series, I do not know how to review it anymore without spoiling the plot line itself. Even after so many issues, it is still just as emotional, well thought-out, and funny as it was right at the start of it. Its quality and weirdness haven’t declined with time at all. It continues to surprise me and when I think I saw everything already; Brian K. Vaughan strikes again.

The artwork remains spectacular and complements the story perfectly.

And just when I thought Mark could not get any hotter: Marko wearing glasses, yes please!

I have no idea how long will we have to wait for the authors to come back and give us the next instalment but I will wait, however long it takes.

Thank you for reading this review and until next time, Dream on, Dreamers!

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