Spending money during quarantine is dangerous – July ’20 Haul

It is August already and instead of reading the books I already have, I have bought even more to join onto my TBR pile!

I made an Amazon order back in July for 6 books! That wasn’t the end of it either…

I got first two volumes of Paper Girls comic book series, brought to you by author of Saga.

28204534. sy475

Four 12 year old newspaper delivery girls are caught in a conflict between two factions of time travellers.

Sounds epic!

Speaking of graphic novels, I have also purchased Raven by Kami Garcia. The reason I got it actually is because of the artist though, Gabriel Picolo. I have been a huge fan of his work for a while now and decided to finally dive into his publications. Can’t wait for Beast Boy!


After an accident leaves her without a foster moster and her memories, Raven is trying her best to recover and finish the school year.

I have also purchased 2 books in relation to Japanese culture and lifestyle, it is a topic I’d like to expand my knowledge on and no time like the present to do so! I hope these two novels will turn out to be a good introduction to the topic.

53248017. sx318

Improving skills in general has been the theme of the quarantine for me, at times when I’m not sleeping, and so I followed up on my order with a cookbook of my dear and missed Wagamama restaurant! Tried few recipes already and they were YUMMM!

Chicken Ramen

Finally, my Amazon order ended on a spare of a moment addition to the basket of a zodiac sign booklet. A quick introductory guide to it is sure to bump up my reading challenge this year!

But Amazon isn’t where I stopped in July, oh no no no. After what feels like an eternity, I have finally had the chance to visit local charity shops and have picked up 3 novels as well.

Zoo by James Paterson, One of us is lying by Karen M.Mcmanus and The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins.

This is a fantastic haul simply because every single one of these books I have wanted to read for a while now and to get them at a cheap price as well feels so good.

And that is it for my July Haul, I went a little overboard and I wish to say I’ll get better in August but I did already purchase two books and counting.

What are your most recent purchases? Let me know down in the comment section!

Anks for reading and until next time, dream on dreamers!

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