Review: “Grace and Fury” by Tracy Banghart

Two sisters, Serina and Nomi, have prepared to live two different lives but their world is turned upside down when they’re forced to switch their roles around. Serina was raised to become a Grace, an example of a perfect woman standing next to the heir of throne. Her younger sister however, embraced a rebellious side of things, fighting against their kingdom, as it takes away women’s rights.

In an unexpected turn of event, it is Nomi that catches the heir’s eye and is chosen to become a Grace, while Serina gets send to prison for the crimes her sister committed. Both have to adapt to their new situation and find a way out if they want to see each other again.

I must say I was positively surprised by this novel, I didn’t go into it with much expectations but the premise intrigued me. It was slow at times, the build up of the world took some time, but once that was out of the way, things got interesting.

I don’t have another picture of Grace and Fury so here’s Cheeto 😻

The character development was done well, especially for the two sisters, however it could have used more depth. Plot at times wasn’t developed to its further potential, frankly the book could have been longer and explore certain aspects in more detail. It would have been a far more relevant book in that way.

It was refreshing to see a YA novel focusing mainly on a sisterhood theme. I felt as if it was realistic, the conflict of emotions both of the girls went through made sense.

Overall, it felt like a good first part, not enough was done, but seeing as this is only the beginning of a series, I remain positive.

Thank you for reading this review, let me know what you thought of it down in the comment section! And until next time, dream on, Dreamers!

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