Review: ‘Home Body’ by Rupi Kaur

Home Body is a third insta-poetry collection by Rupi Kaur. At its core, it explores the topic of self.

I enjoyed the author’s previous books, however Home Body falls short in multiple areas. Rupi’s poems were able to elicit strong emotions within its readers, they were short and to the point. This time they felt empty, lacking any power. The author has fallen into the same capitalism she is ranting about, because it feels as if she wrote this collection not to pursue art but to pursue material gains from it. The sections she has created, feel disjointed both within as well as with each other, there is no fluidity or smooth transition.

There are a lot of trigger warnings with this collection and I’d advice to avoid it if you’re not in the right space of mind. This isn’t a read I needed in 2020. It will take a lot on convincing for me to pick up Rupi’s work again.

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