Review: “Teen Titans: Beast Boy” by Kami Garcia, Gabriel Picolo

Teen Titans were a big part of my growing up and Beast Boy being my favourite one of them, I had high expectations coming into this one.

Thankfully, they’ve been met.

I am a big fan of Gabriel’s artwork, I have been for a good while now but the story delivers just as well. It’s your typical teenage drama (with superpower) done well.

This origin story of Garfield Logan begins towards the end of his senior year with a bucket list still to go through. The popularity and recognition of his peers which he seeks so bad, come at a price. The recent changes to his body, his voice, and his abilities require Gabriel to face new challenges and face new truths about himself.

It is an enjoyable story filled with friendships and self-discovery. As you read through it, I think it’s quite apparent that this is a prequel of sorts to the bigger story. Few of the jokes feel off but otherwise, it’s a youthful storyline involving believable characters with great development potential.

Gabriel’s artwork heavily contributes to the authenticity of the characters. They all have a variety of true facial expressions and a lot of movement, which feels realistic.

The ending could have been significantly stronger, but at the same time, it’s sufficient in setting up the next story. I am excited to pick up Beast Boy loves Raven next and see what’s in store for these two.

Are you familiar with Teen Titans? What were some of the superheroes you grew up with? Let me know down in the comment section!

Thank you for reading and have a good day/evening/night.

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