Saying Goodbye to Chapters

Chapters, a beloved Dublin bookstore located in its centre, is closing its doors on the 31st of this month (in like 2 days). This independent store which opened up nearly 40 years ago has relocated few times since, but at its latest location just on Parnell Street, it was selling a variety of new and second-hand books, as well as other items, over two floors.

Whatever the reasons behind Chapters closure, and I suspect there’s many, it’s just plain sad to hear those news. This shop had by far the greatest selection of reading material, and not only, I’ve come across in Dublin, but it also had this something, you know. That spark.

The quirkiness and friendliness of both clients and staff made it a pleasure to visit the shop, it will be greatly missed.

Since the announcement, they have had closing down sales and when I went to visit last week, every item was 1/3 of its marked price. Chapters was always relatively cheap, but for the two books I bought, I paid 3.74 euro… Way below their actual value.

I didn’t take any pictures while in there for the last time. It made me a bit emotional, seeing the half-empty shelves, dishevelled selections, and a lot more people than I’ve ever seen in there. It’s a shame so many of us went in only during the closing down sales and the shop didn’t receive sufficient support beforehand. Better late than never I spose.

All these pictures, except for the featured one, were made during my frequent visits, back ‘in the good old days’

Whatever the fate of the owners, I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. I hope they know how much the Dubliners, and not only, appreciated their shop. The final chapter of Chapters is coming to an end. Our city won’t be the same without it.


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