It’s been a while since I’ve gotten myself a proper haul of books, but I did acquire a few in the last weeks, if not months actually, that I wanted to go through today.

Set in the 1960’s, it tells a story of Elizabeth Zott – a scientist whose career is hindered by inequality. This single mother finds herself within the America’s cook show ‘Supper at Six’, redefining the status quo with her approach towards cooking as well as life.

After four young witches take an oath to join Her Majesty’s Royal Coven, only one finds herself within it decades later. The four friends come together however when the existence of the Coven gets threatened.


Lincoln and Amelia find themselves investigating the murders associated with ‘The Locksmith’ – murder who sneaks into the houses in the middle of the night and tying his victims, before strangling them. But can a mistake from Lincoln’s past case prove crucial to solving this mystery?

Two Irish teenagers, Connell and Marianne, are determined to conceal their relations from everyone else. As they head off to college and try to navigate their new social lives, they keep finding themselves, over and over again.

‘Normal People’ and ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ I have picked up myself in the local bookstore. Meanwhile, ‘The Midnight Lock’ and ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Coven’ I have been gifted by the lovely people at Harper Collins Ireland, mwah x thank you.

I haven’t been purchasing many reads recently, instead focusing on the ones I already have and even more so on the audiobook versions, they’ve been more practical.

What is the most recent read you treated yourself to? Let me know down in the comment section.

I’ve already read ‘Normal People’ and are hoping to have its review ready soon for the blog, so keep your eyes open for that one. Excited to start the rest of these, hopefully in the near future!

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