Review: ‘One of Us is Lying’ by Karen M. McManus

Five people come into detention, only four leave alive. Let’s figure it out.

We have:

  • The goody two shoes, Yale-bound nerd – Bronwyn
  • The bad-boy out on probation – Nate
  • The jock hoping to make it as a baseball pitcher – Cooper
  • The expected homecoming queen, the beauty – Addy

None of them understand why they’re in detention and before it comes to an end, the fifth student, Simon, dies. He is an author of ‘About That’ – a gossip blog about the students of Bayview High, revealing their most guarded secrets. And after the investigation reveals that Simon had articles scheduled, ready to post, about the remaining four students, they become suspects in the case, having potential motive.


As they take it upon themselves to figure out what happened, four unlikely acquaintances start to bond together, but can they really trust one another?

It was a surprisingly addictive read and a satisfying one at that. The plot developed steadily, revealing the story bit by bit as it went along. It wasn’t the most complicated mystery, and you can figure it out quite easily yourself, but I still enjoyed it, it gets intense.

We go through POVs of each of the characters, getting to know them more behind the scenes. They’re believable albeit stereotypical bunch of teenagers that a lot of people could relate to, in one way or another. Their interactions were also natural.

‘One of Us is Lying’ is simply enjoyable. It isn’t revolutionary in its genre, but it’s executed well.

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