As Harry and Julie McNamara watch TV late one night, a stranger walks into their mansion and launches an attack on Harry. Julie cannot help but stay frozen as her husband, a disgraced ex-banker, gets beaten with a golf club. The stranger, JP Carney, leaves and after just a short while, to everyone’s surprise, hands himself over to the police.

The assaulter claims that the attack wasn’t premeditated, rather done in the heat of the moment and that he had no idea who his victim is. But when Harry dies following the assault, the detective leading the case cannot help but feel that there is more to the story than first meets the eye and she’s determined to find the link between JP and the deceased.

All of us have our secrets, don’t we? The little petty lies. The bigger sins.

Jo Spain, The Confession

I was excited to read another one of Jo Spain’s novel. I have enjoyed ‘The Last to Disappear’ tremendously but ‘The Confession’ didn’t deliver the same.


Told from perspective of three different characters, but not all of them add value to the story. Chapters told by Alice, the police officer in charge of the investigation, feel redundant.

The premise of the story is what intrigued me to pursue it. It started off well but the longer it went on, it became quite uncomfortable to read. There is no positive personalities to hang on to and I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, wasn’t rooting for any of them. It was a bit of party pity on all accounts, especially for Julie and JP.

It was quite easy to predict what had happened and took far too long to get there. The novel wasn’t dynamic and felt more like a struggle the longer it went on, relying heavily on telling the backstory and internal dialogue, instead of progressing forward steadily.

Bit of a pity it turned that way but I will be giving another of Spain’s novel a chance, there is something about her writing style that’s extremely enjoyable. She comes up with interesting plots and does incredible job of creating a hyper realistic world around it, based on true events.

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