Café Janis is a lively restaurant, situated right around the corner of Time Out Market. With an outside patio seating and nature inspired décor, it is a cosy little place for breakfast. However, it is open late into the night, if you want to try some of their cocktails and late snacks instead.


Soi, Asian Street Food is located around the corner of Time Out Market, right beside Café Janis too. Atmospheric venue with a good vibe and great food, albeit a bit spicy.


Keeping options open

Can’t decide what you want to eat? Serving selections from the best restaurant the city has to offer, Time Out Market is a must visit-spot. Atmosphere is abuzz as the food hall is visited by locals as well as tourists. Depending on the occasion, Time Out Market offers more that just a place to eat. During my visit, it hosted a viewing party of Portugal – Morocco World Cup match and except the fact that Portugal lost, it was a great place to be at. You can get a variety of food and drink at the hall, from coffee and Pastel de Nada, to beer and a Pad Thai.

Specific dietary needs? Not a problem!

Located right beside the Oceanarium and Cable car ride, Honest Greens will cater to your dietary needs as they provide gluten-free, vegetarian, plant-based and paleo options, made with locally and responsibly sourced ingredients. Even though their menu is heavily plant focused, they do offer ethically sourced protein options as well. I believe they do have multiple branches throughout Lisbon as well as outside of Portugal but the one I visited was just the cosiest little place. With outside seating decorated with nature, dining here was both a pleasure to the stomach as well as my well-being.


Late Night Snack

If you’re staying or just find yourself around the Bairro Alto area, make sure to check out Panda Cantina, infamous for its ramen. They serve three options of this amazing Japanese noodle dish; beef, pork and tofu. That’s pretty much it for choice but you don’t really need any more, because it’s simply delicious. It might have just been the tastiest ramen I’ve had.

You place an order through the window outside and wait to be seated. The space is extremely small, with around 10-12 seats arranged in a ~ 3x3m square space, but being a little cramped was well worth it in my opinion!

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