Jo Spain’s story built on ‘The Perfect Lie’

Following family tragedy, Erin leaves Ireland and moves to New York city. It is there that she meets Danny, a police officer with whom she settles into a happy marriage in the scenic little town on Long Island. However, Erin’s life takes a sharp turn to when Danny jumps to his death from their apartment window when his partner and other department colleagues come to visit. In the aftermath, she discovers things about Danny she could never have imagined – secrets hidden behind a perfect lie.

Over a year later, she finds herself in court, charged with her husband’s murder.


Oh, what a page turner!

The story is gripping from the very start – with the intense beginning and three different timelines throughout, reader can get a sense of how it all ties together. It slows down slightly after that and gives a pause to breathe before diving right back in.

This is a third book I read by Spain and I must say I enjoy her writing style and plot tremendously. The way she conveys what is happening is very clever. She also manages to keep the reader intrigued throughout and comes up with some of the most jaw dropping, twisted moments I’ve come across recently. I will say I started to figure it out towards the ending but even then it was a hard to predict surprise, it was clever.


I do have one complaint about this novel though as it wasn’t all perfect. There are too many characters introduced too quickly into the story. I felt overwhelmed by their sheer amount – new people were showing up before I had a chance to remember the names of previous ones. It all became jumbled up at the beginning.

Overall, it was a satisfying read and another great storyline delivered by Jo Spain. Her imagination and thought process evidenced in her work continues to surprise me.

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