Fearless in the heart of Dublin – Jameson Whiskey Distillery tour on Bow st.

While the production of Jameson might have moved to Co. Cork, its initial distillery from 1780 in Dublin is still in use – now home to tours, tasting sessions and whiskey cocktail making classes.

Located on Bow street in the Smithfield area, it has a bar at its centre you can visit and when you do, make sure to check out the stunning bottle chandeliers that accompany its décor.

I did the ‘Bow St. Experience’, the cheapest of the tours available, which took about 30 minutes and included three parts, each taking place in a different room.


First, it starts with a history lesson, where you learn all about Jameson’s past and up to the present. The tour guide tells the story as the video plays. You get to see how the ‘fearless’ spirit of John Jameson is what drove him to open up the distillery in 1780 and what makes it such a big success to this day.

Second room presented an opportunity to learn about whiskey production. The guide goes through the ingredients used and the processes involved to make and package the whiskey we know and love. There are also interactive stations you can use to involve all your other senses, such as smell, in the tour.


Last room is arguable everyone’s favourite, as it’s where the tasting takes place. You get to taste three different types of Jameson – Original, Crested and Black Barrell.

After the tour concludes, you are brought back to the pub, through a merchandise shop, where you can purchase the different whiskeys you just tasted. Your ticket also entitles you to one free Jameson drink from pre-selected options.

Overall, I had a great time at the distillery. The tour wasn’t too long not too short and it was interesting to learn all this history of Jameson whiskey I didn’t know prior. Our tour guide was also entertaining and made the experience worthwhile.


If you’re interested, there are also other tours available:

  • Blending classes
  • Whiskey cocktail making classes
  • Secret whiskey tasting
  • Cask draw
  • Bottle your own whiskey experience

Spending a day in the area? Start it right! For those of you who are 18+, visit Thunder Cut Alley for a brunch. This quirky, retro spot serves some incredibly tasty tacos, nachos and more. You also have an option between bottomless mimosas or bottomless spirits breakfasts, with some amazing cocktails to choose from.

Few steps down the road, there’s the Chimney Viewing Tower – part of the distillery building, it now offers 360° views of the city.

Located in the area is also the Lighthouse Cinema, well-known for showing less well-known productions, as well as animated movies and classics.

End your day in Token by playing retro arcade and pinball games and having a drink. They also serve delicious omni and vegan meals, but I’d recommend to book a table ahead of time as the place gets busy fast.

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