With its centuries-old stone cities, beautiful coasts and beaches, as well as mountainous regions and forests, it’s no wonder Croatia continually ranks high on the list of countries to visit.

Croatia has been on my bucket last for a while and I’ve finally got to visit it towards the end of July 2022, going into August. There are so many different cities you can stay in and places you can visit – Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb, all come to mind – however, my travels have brought me to the lovely Zadar. Incredible sunsets, uncrowded Roman streets and Sea Organs are just a few of the wonders that awaited me. If you’re interested in reading more about it, check out the post below:

Sunsets, aged city and sea organs – first look at Zadar, Croatia!

If you’re looking to visit Croatia but are not mad about the crowds of tourists, Zadar might just be a place for you. I’ve travelled to Zadar for a couple of days towards the end of July 2022 for my cousin’s hen party. The trip was organised by Maid of Honour and because a good…

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And after seeing it, I am sure to plan a trip back and explore more of the beautiful country of Croatia.

View from the Gradski Most, Zadar

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