The Journey Begins

Mountains, lakes, sun and snow, Europe might just have it all. Accidental rhyme but it’s still true that Europe’s diversity proves a unique feature, ideal for your next adventure.

The diversity in numerous aspects is a big reason Europe continuously proves to be an attractive destination for travellers from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a city break, sunny beach relaxation or winter adventure, find out your ideal destination – just by clicking on one below!

Europe’s climate, sub-regions and when to visit

There seem to be differences between the ways people categorise parts of Europe and I’m unsure whether there’s truly an official way to do so. Essentially, it can come down to:

– The Isles – The United Kingdom and Ireland

-Scandinavia/Nordic countries – Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

-Eastern Europe/Slavic countries – Poland, Slovenia, Croatia

-South Europe/Mediterranean – Italy, Greece, Turkey

-Central Europe – France, Germany

-Western Europe – Portugal, Spain


Europe’s climate is quite temperate, with usually warm summers and cold winters. However, the weather can change significantly from one country to the other so make sure to check it out in details before heading there. Additionally, each of these countries has something unique to offer at any given time, making Europe a perfect destination 12 months round.

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