With its Mediterranean like climate, long hours of sunlight and stunning landscape, Portugal proves to be a highly popular holiday destination all year round. Located at the South-West side of Europe and on the Iberian Peninsula, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal has much to offer across its territory and a variety of regions. Algarve is a great destination for nature, beach, and nightlife focused holidays. Portugal’s southern regions are home to many vineyards, olive groves and pastures, while in the north you’ll come across ancient towns filled with historic architecture.


Portugal’s capital – Lisbon – combines all of this amongst its coastal hills. Stunning views and amazing food provide for incredible experience, whether in summer or in winter.

Lisbon’s restaurants – The Big Five worth visiting

Breakfast Café Janis is a lively restaurant, situated right around the corner of Time Out Market. With an outside patio seating and nature inspired décor, it is a cosy little place for breakfast. However, it is open late into the night, if you want to try some of their cocktails and late snacks instead. Lunch…

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