Book Review: “Happier Thinking” by Lana Grace Riva

‘Happier Thinking’ is a short book filled with suggestions and exercises that have helped the author achieve happier thinking.

From the start, Lana is very honest with the reader, stating that she is not a trained professional but rather she wishes to share her personal experience.

The book is divided into chapters focusing on different aspects of thoughts we may encounter during our everyday life.

Lana’s writing is very personal, it feels more as if I’m talking to a friend rather than reading, she’s engaging the reader in a conversation about mental health.

Even those with the greatest of memories I’m sure would struggle to remember the good things they thought of weeks/months ago (if you succeed in that then please do share your advice on how to gain such an amazing memory).

Every chapter is filled with many examples of both negative thoughts and exercises to try to counteract them. I did enjoy that the author is drawing from, what is most likely, her own personal experience, it is easier for the reader to relate that way.

I’m going to give this read 4 stars, because I think it did well what it was meant to do. I did appreciate the fact that Lana never tried to be more than she is, i.e. never tried to be a trained professional, she simply states what personally helped her through rougher times in order to try and help others. The author made it very clear that not everybody will find this particular read useful and that there are other options out there.

I suppose that’s the reason I will deduct a star of it. Even thou I didn’t mind the personal style of writing, I wasn’t big on it either, maybe there was too much of it at times. In my opinion, it is not a suitable read for a lot of people, they may not find what they need in it, it is a biased read. However it is short enough to even just give it a try or keep it in your bag, for whenever you need a small, positive reminder.

I found it to be an enjoyable read that states the little truths of life we already know but may sometimes forget about, I hope that if anything, it will serve its readers as a small reminder about that.

Mant thanks to Lana for sending me the copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, it is always a pleasure to work with authors!

Dream on, Dreamers!

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